Embryology course MBL 2017


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As promised here are some references about scale insects evolution:

Gullan, Penny J., and Michael Kosztarab. “Adaptations in scale insects.” Annual review of entomology 42.1 (1997): 23-50

Haig, David. “The evolution of unusual chromosomal systems in coccoids: extraordinary sex ratios revisited.” Journal of Evolutionary Biology 6.1 (1993): 69-77

Ross, Laura, Ido Pen, and David M. Shuker. “Genomic conflict in scale insects: the causes and consequences of bizarre genetic systems.” Biological Reviews 85.4 (2010): 807-828.

More detailed summaries of my research on divergence time study, juvenile hormone regulation, B chromosome system.

Finally, if you are interested in crazy sex determination systems, check out the How We Do Sex blog that I have started.