About me


IsabelleOriginally from France, I have always wanted to combine seeing the world with my professional career. So far, I was privileged to live in New York City (USA), Nagoya (Japan) and now Edinburgh (UK) only because of research.

After a Master’s degree at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie/Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, I moved to New York City to enter a Ph.D. program at the American Museum of Natural History. For four years, I worked at reconciling living and fossil scale insects, to provide an understanding of today’s diversity from a look at the past. 

In November 2013, I moved to Japan to Nagoya University to initiate a project on hormonal regulation in scale insect metamorphosis.

After more than seven years away from Europe, I moved back with a Marie Curie Fellowship to work at the University of Edinburgh on the fascinating genetic system in scale insects: paternal genome elimination.

If you are interested in Marie Curie Fellowships, here is an interview from Euraxess Japan about my experience on obtaining it.

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I am a passionate knitter and spinner during my spare time.

Current location: Edinburgh, The University of Edinburgh (Laura Ross lab)