News about my research: Evolution2018 conference and E93 manuscript available on BiorXiv

Hello everyone!

Spring is (almost) in Edinburgh, and here are some news on my research activities!

This is an update that I will be presenting a talk at Evolution 2018 in Montpellier this summer in the symposium S-35 Combining fossils and phylogenies in studies of diversification organised by Fabien Condamine and Daniele Silvestro.

Combining fossils and living species to better understanding scale insect evolution was the main work of my Ph.D but even if I have since switched my research activities, I intend to continue on working on this project as there is still more data to acquire! Getting a more stable dated tree of scale insects will help to answer questions on their evolution and adaptation.

Additionally, I just submitted a manuscript on mealybug female neoteny and E93 transcription factor with links to the juvenile hormone. This work was conducted at Nagoya University where I am still collaborating on examining mealybug metamorphosis in the context of the juvenile hormone.  You can find a preprint on BiorXiv.

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